JSO is a virtual military, a group that simulates combined arms warfare in ARMA 3
In-game we work as a team with a mix of infantry, armour, aviation, and special forces elements.
Our members experience meaningful careers within JSO where they can earn ribbons, badges, and medals for their contributions in and out of the game.
Above all, our objective is to have fun, ensuring that the virtual military gameplay enhances and never degrades our experience.


JSO’s mod-pack contains the popular ACE and ACRE mods in addition to CUP Terrains, as well as a variety of JSO developed mods.
The modpack is ~660MB for our core mods, 12GB for the terrains, and is managed through our website and the workshop.

There are also several client-side optional mods allowed on our servers, such as JSRS and Blastcore.

Entry Requirements

In order to join JSO, you must:

1.   Be at least 16 years old;
2.   Own a legal copy of Arma 3 and the APEX expansion;
3.   Speak English and own a microphone;
4.   Agree to abide by JSO rules;
5.   Have a teamwork-oriented mindset.

Group Rules

1. Engage with other members in a respectful and professional manner;

2. Do not commit any prejudices, including but not limited to racism or sexism;

3. Do not bring JSOs’ name into disrepute, or act in a manner which may bring detriment to the organisation or its members;

4. Always participate as a member of the team;

5. Comply with all written rules and instructions, and all reasonable verbal instructions.

6. Do not engage in dishonest conduct, including but not limited to: cheating or exploiting game bugs;

7. Do not make any attempt to subvert the organisation or its leaders;

8. Make the best effort to attend missions and informing your unit commander of any period of unavailability.


How often do you play?
We have one scheduled operation every Saturday at 2300UTC/Zulu as well as individual unit mission times. Impromptu sessions occur regularly as well. This does mean that members from Europe and Africa may find it difficult to attend our operations.

What is a virtual military, is it like a milsim group?
Being a virtual military, we combine realism game-play and some milsim aspects to create a distinctive experience. We don’t simulate any standing national military, instead we play ourselves as a member of the fictional multinational unit: the Joint Security Organisation.

What is the group culture like?
In-game we're switched on with the occasional moment of levity. Campaigns and weekly operations are taken seriously, but our mid-week session are usually more lighthearted.

How can I progress in the group, and get into different types of units?
Every member enters as a rifleman and can go on to specialise in different roles: Aviation, Armour, and Infantry. Members who are interested can embrace more responsibility and adopt a variety of leadership positions.

How long are your operations, and what do you do during them?
Our weekly operations run for approximately 2 hours and vary significantly in content. Helicopter-borne assaults on Tanoa to counterinsurgency operations in Takistan are just an example. Depending on numbers on the day, operations can be squad sized PvP or Platoon sized COOP missions.

What are your activity requirements?
We ask that you make a best effort to attend as many operations as possible, but at a minimum at least one official operation every month. Members are expected to inform their unit commanders of their unavailability prior to OPs(i.e. Opt-out).

Where is your membership from?
Our members come from all around the world. Most significantly, Oceania and North America.

How do you communicate?
All official notices and any other important information are delivered through the Internal Messaging System(IMS) on our website. We regularly use both Discord’s voice and text chat functions to communicate. Additionally, we have a Teamspeak server for use during Arma missions.

Can I be a member of other groups whilst in JSO?
Yes, on the condition that they are not another milsim or virtual military group, and that you meet our activity requirements.

Do you allow third-person view on your server?
No, on our main operations server you are restricted to first person.

Because your group has ranks do I have to call anyone sir?
No. Our ranks denote a member's contribution and experience within the organisation, and although we expect respectful conduct between all members, we do not require anyone to be addressed by rank or the paying of formal courtesies.

Do I need any paid DLC or expansions to join?
Yes. members must-have APEX to join.

Do you play other games together?
Not in an official capacity, but our members regular play other games together. Examples include: Wargame, DCS, Tarkov, Blackwake, Star Citizen, et cetera.

Do you have to use your real name?
No, members may use a pseudonym. Members may also choose to provide only a first initial, and a last name e.g J. Bloggs. That being said, most members use their real names.